Ammolite Gemstones
The gemstone of Lethbridge

Looking for quality Ammolite jewellery or gemstones? We have all of our Ammolite inventory listed on our online store. Ammolite is mined outside our city limits so you can be assured you are getting high quality peices that do not travel far from the mines.

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Single Sided Natural

Naturals are the traditional single sided Ammolite Gemstones that have a single layer of Ammolite on the front of the stone. Stabalizing the stone, is a layer of black Basonite rock which naturally occurs with the Ammolite. Like Imperials they are also best suited for pendants to preserve the surface of the gemstone from wear.

Double Sided Natural

Double sided Naturals or Imperials are Ammolite Gemstones that have a layer of Ammolite on the front and back of the stone. They are best suited for pendants and create a unique double-sided jewellery design.

Triplet (Quartz Cap)

Triplets contain three seperate layers: The first layer is a protective Quartz cap. The second layer is the Ammolite and the third layer is a black Basonite rock. This style of gemstone is the most durable and can easily accomodate earring, ring, bracelet or pendant designs. This style of Ammolite comes in standard calibrated gemstone sizes in oval, trillian, round, princess and triangular shapes.

Patterns and Colours

There is a vast variety of colors and patterns in Ammolite. Exposure to the elements yields many unique crackled textures sometimes referred to as Dragonskin, Cobblestone and Stained Glass. Some gemstones have a more smooth pattern than others and much likes snowflakes; no two Ammolite gems are identical.

Much like Opal, Ammolite displays iridescence and sometimes play of color. Changes in color and intensity can be seen when the stone is tilted from side to side. Red, Green and orange are the most common colors of Ammolite while blue and violet are the most rare. Below are a few examples of coloring and patterns of Ammolite.
Ammolite History

Ammolite comes from the fossilized shells of the cephalopod mullosk Placentriceras Meeki and Placenticeras Intercalare. These mollusks thrived in tropical seas until becoming extinct at the end of the Mesozoic era.

These Ammonites were inhabitants of a prehistoric subtropical sea called the Bearpaw Sea or Western Interior Seaway that extends along Alberta and Saskatchewan also reaching into the Montana in the USA.

Ammolite is an organic gemstone, like Amber and Pearls and Ivory. While different types of Ammonite fossils can be found throughout the world; Ammolite can only be found in a small portion of North America. Ammolite has been designated the official gemstone of Alberta and Lethbridge. It is one of the rarest known gemstones in the world.
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